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What is Elder Law Services, PLLC?  Elder Law Services, PLLC is a law firm that focuses on helping seniors and their families navigate the waters of aging. These waters may or may not include: dealing with physical disabilities, cognitive challenges, asset protection, distribution of assets at death, delegation of the ability to make health care and financial decisions, providing for a disabled child, paying for the care of an aging loved one, and understanding that the “money issues” are only part of the issues at hand and may not be the most important at any one point in time. Elder Law Services, PLLC makes a concerted effort to help families focus on the whole picture of what is happening around them and help them see that the priorities for them include both legal and personal matters.

The History of Elder Law Services, PLLC had its start as “David P. Fitch, Attorney at Law” in 1992 as a part time practice to help the elderly in several of the high rises in South Minneapolis. Humble beginnings with landlord tenant issues, advance directive issues, and a few wills. The practice took shape and focus in West Palm Beach, FL in the early 2000’s: basic estate planning, asset protection work for medicaid applicants, and lots of guardianship work as a court appointed guardian. Back in Minnesota in 2004, elder law was the full focus of the practice, as it is today. The firm name changed to Elder Law Services, PLLC in October 2007.

Today, Elder Law Services, PLLC has two attorneys serving elders and their families – David Fitch and Theresa Johnson. Elder Law Services, PLLC (and its predecessor) has operated in the “community” since 2005. We serve clients where they are most comfortable – homes, care facilities, restaurants, coffee shops, wherever the client chooses.

What Clients say… Past clients have often commented that Elder Law Services, PLLC “is not like any law firm that they have experienced before”. We believe they feel that way because our priorities are focused on them as individuals not as just another client with billable hours. We interact with individuals and families when they are facing very difficult and frightening times. We recognize that there are many issues that are part of the circumstances we walk into with new clients, some are “legal” and many are not but they are all important. We try to guide them in their “legal” concerns and direct them to appropriate professionals in other fields who can help them in the other matters they face. David has a background as a pastor and as a seasoned attorney and he takes what he knows from both worlds and applies that experience to each and every client that we help. Theresa started working with seniors over fifteen years ago, by volunteering at a nursing home as a companion for residents that had no regular visitors. She has a passion for the elderly.

We place a high value on education and as a result we do a lot of “no pitch” public speaking for churches, community centers, businesses, and care facilities.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this page.

David & Theresa

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