Meet Theresa


Thanks for taking the time to learn something about me.

My name is Theresa Johnson. I am a lifetime Minnesotan, a tried and true Twins and
Minnesota Wild fan, happily married, love dogs, and love being a mom. I am blessed
with healthy parents that are part of the great population wave that is commonly
referred to as the "Boomers".

My education and experience has led me down a path that has positioned me to be able
to help individuals and families in some unique ways. I developed my skills in the
corporate world as a business system software sales person, often getting to see the
"behind the curtain" workings of organizations. These experiences led me to the
decision to go to law school and become an attorney that helped businesses. I did that
and I have a passion to help small and medium sized businesses. The more that I have
worked with small and medium sized businesses, the more I have seen the family side of
these businesses. Matters of business succession, estate planning, dealing the effects
of aging on the founders and key employees brought me to elder law. My journey has
given me a different perspective on the delivery of elder law advice to the aging
population that Elder Law Services, PLLC interacts with on a regular basis.

I love what I do! When I hear a, "I feel much better now." type of comment from an
individual seeking our advice, it makes my day!!

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